Friday, October 13, 2006

The Temp---tress

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"Good afternoon, Sir."
The new office temp has been beckoned to his office and enters.
"You wanted to see me?"
She pushes her glasses back up to her eyes.
"I know I made some terrible mistakes today. I'm new here and I was so nervous... and well, yes - I placed files in the wrong sections.... and lost the employee expense reports.... and forgot to send out the AP checks.... and knocked over the magazine stand.... and.... "
She is caught short when he looks up from his computer at her.
"Oh. Ok. Right. I'll be quiet."
She moves her right index finger to her lips.
"Shhhh! Not another peep outta me. Promise."
She moves her right hand down from her lips and makes a nervous gesture of crossing her heart before sitting down in a chair opposite his desk.

He taps away at his keyboard and looks through papers.
The anticipation is too much for her to bare.
"Would you like to dictate that to me or ... can I add something for you or....?"
He gives her another stern look.
"Right. Shhh!", she repeats, mostly to herself.

She sits.
She waits.
She gets more nervous.

Tick. Tick....

Several minutes pass before he looks up from his paperwork to glance over at her. She shuffles in her seat, trying to find a comfortable position to sit. She crosses her legs and he catches a glimpse up her skirt of the garter clipped to the end of her stockings. She sees where his eyes are fixed and nonchalantly scoots a little further around in her chair, so as to afford him a better look up her pantyhosed thigh.

Their eyes meet.
She gives him a sly smirk and shrug.
He opens a desk drawer and pulls out a ruler.

As he rises out of his chair, he calmly says, "Your offenses today are quite serious, young lady, and deserve three licks from this ruler."
She feigns shock and removes her glasses as she rises from her chair, apologizing profusely for her mistakes. In one fell swoop of his arm, he completely clears a large section of his desk of its papers, adding machine, etc.... scattering them across the floor without a second thought and she feels her wetness begin.
He instructs her to take a step up to the side of his desk. She obeys and slowly places each palm down on the smooth wooden surface, careful not to extend her ass until instructed to do so. He sits the ruler down on the desk between her hands where she can see it before her, to think of the punishment that is to come.... and walks around his desk, moving the chair she had been seated in out of his way until he is behind her.

Her hair is up in a twist and she can suddenly feel his breath on the back of her neck.
Then... his mouth is near her ear, lowly talking to her.
"You have been a very bad temp today. New girls need to be taught how to do things right around here. Are you willing to learn?"
"Yessir," She quickly responds, now only speaking when he has asked her a direct question.
He places his hands on either side of her hips, quickly and forcefully pulling her ass away from the desk, "Do not remove your hands from the top of my desk until I say so."
She releases a low gasp at the quickness and surprise of his action.
She feels his hand caress around her hip and onto her tummy... and sees his arm extend between hers, still outstetched.

He slowly picks up the ruler and retreats behind her.
"Are you ready for your first spanking?" he inquires.
She responds, "Yes sir", and is dying with anticipation as he slowly caresses all around her ass with the ruler.
Her right cheek receives the first blow... gentle-like. He's going easy on her.
He quickly rubs the ruler across the area where the slight blow was inflicted and before she can inhale, he pops the ruler across her left cheek, harder.

Her wetness grows... her palms are starting to stick to the table.
He continues to rub the ruler across her ass and says, "Your last spanking will need to be closer to the skin. Do you trust me?"
She's nearly breathless already, "yessir."
He sits the ruler down by her left hand and slowly unzips her skirt in the back and pushes it off her hips... letting it hit the floor. He steadily and firmly pushes on her back until her upper body is completely laying across his desk. He reaches up and pulls the clip out of her hair, running his fingers through it, messing it up.

She is much shorter than he and can now feel his thighs against her ass as he reaches by her.
She dares not rise onto her tip-toes.
She hears the scrape of the ruler being lifted off of the desk as his thighs leave her ass and she suddenly feels wood caressing her right inner thigh... across to the inside of the left... all on the backside of her thighs... against her hose... over the clips... across one lacy buttcheek... onto the other. Suddenly, she winces from a wallop of a pop right across the center of her ass, leaving a mark through her panties, she's sure.
The blow breaks the ruler in half and she hears a piece hit the floor.
Then, another piece is dropped.
With no warning, his hands grab her ass and she feels his breath along her asscrack through her panties... his kisses... his tongue running underneath the edge of her panties.
"Oh god," she wants to say aloud, but dares not.

His hands come around from behind her to either side of her waist and he unfastens the bottom button of her suit jacket... working his way up to each button and pulls it off her shoulders. His hand reaches back around and unclips the front-closure of her bra... guides each arm out of both her bra and jacket... and places each hand back on the desk.
His hands slowly glide up each of her arms, across her shoulders... down her back... to the legbands of her panties... until he runs his fingers underneath, slowly around to the front and back again... slowly, meticulously, teasing her into a frenzy.
His hands go up to the waistband and in one move, yanks the lacy panties down to her ankles.
She steps out of them and never sees them again.

She hears the sound of a zipper behind her.
She knows his pants are coming down behind her, even though she can't see it.

He swats her right asscheek with his hand... and the sound echoes in the private office.
Then her left. Another resounding crack fills the air.
He talks to her in gentle whispers... just little firm sweet nothings.... and suddenly pushes her back down across his desk.

"And now to truly teach you a lesson for being my Temp---tress today...
Don't move," he warns.
She gasps when she feels his tongue running down along the crack of her ass.
He has pulled up her former chair and is now sitting right behind her.
His tongue.... his hands on her ass, spreading her open.
"Oh fuuuck... " She so wants to speak, to push back against him.
His licks are masterful. She wants more. More.
Her juices run down over her clit... onto his desk........


Blogger Lestat hummed...

That's hot. Holy &*#)(%^ that's hot. *looking in my desk drawer for a ruler* *mental note to include money for office temps in next quarter's budget*

10/13/2006 8:11 PM  
Blogger NaughtyNikki hummed...

That is very hot! It happens to be pretty close to a fantasy of mine.

10/14/2006 10:56 AM  
Blogger adam hummed...

You've got me hooked, Lorelei..once again!!

[You've kinda out-done "Secretary," with this one.]

Amazingly, affective writing. Sexy, hot; damn steaming, I'd say.

Love a good spanking story..and this one ended with a "kiss to dream on."


xx, adam.

10/14/2006 2:16 PM  
Blogger Cherrie hummed...

I'm waiting to find out what happens next! You will tell us, won't you?

10/16/2006 12:53 AM  
Blogger Spitfire hummed...


10/16/2006 3:00 PM  

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