Sunday, September 17, 2006

My Domme Twin?

I've been fantasizing more about exploring my dominant side.
(I consider myself to be a switch & yes, I also know how to wield one. lol)
If only I had a willing sub...ject. Hmmm.

And what should I come across while surfing today?!?!

I MUST have this book.
I could even earn "BDSM Bucks" if I buy it here.

Anybody wanna get it for me?
C'mon, pet, you know you want to.
*whip crack*
(of course, I'm kidding here. Of all the things I do not reveal, my mailing address is one of them)

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


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Like a full bladder, the sensation floods me.
Out of nowhere. Inopportune.
Demanding my attention.
Warm chills course through my veins.
Like billowing waves of lava.
And I melt into submission.

My skin is alive.
Aching for touch.
My breath is eratic.
Searching for pheromones.
My mind's eye is awakened.
Looking for visions of nakedness.
My ears are bionic.
Longing to hear my name uttered in ecstasy.
My mouth waters.
Salivating for the taste of a lover.

Caresses. Scratches. Grappling.
Aromas. Intoxication.
Nuances. Curves. Flesh.
Whispers. Shouts.
Musk. Kisses. Sweat. Cum.

Basic senses are burning.
I am on fire.
And you. . .
You are my andirons.

Open all of the windows.
Fan me with palm leaves.
Purse your bellows and blow on me.
Skewer me with your poker.

Feed the fire.
I need to scorch you.

Monday, September 04, 2006

I Want It All

I Want It All by Depeche Mode

I Want . . .
a female lover... or 2.
a harem of men.
complete Trust to be vulnerable.
casual sex.
rough sex.
tender love-making.
complete, mad, head-over-heels Love.

I Want To Be . . . / I Want To . . .
dominated / dominate you.
tied up / tie you up.
blindfolded / blindfold you.
spanked / spank you.
held / hold you.
kissed / kiss you.
touched all over /touch you all over (... Slowly).
reached / reach you in new ways, new places.
obeyed / obey you.
lost in you / know you're lost in me.
charmed / charm you.
worshipped / worship you.

I Want You To . . .
want the same things.
tell me what you want.

I Want You To Be . . .
my aegis, my champion, my pedagogue, my pupil, my lord, my slave,
my playmate, my soulmate, my Aristippus, my Epicurus, my universe,
my everything.
And then again, I never want to see you again.

I want it all.