Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Night 'scapes - 1

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I knock on a hotel room door, the number obscured.
A shadow appears on the other side of the peep hole.
The door opens to reveal a tall man in camouflage pants, combat boots, and an army green t-shirt. Military haircut.
He smiles and starts to speak but I push him against the wall, slam the door behind me, and press his formless words back into his mouth with my lips. My tongue finds his and makes him swallow his thoughts along with his words.
Countless minutes pass as we kiss, his hands in my hair, along my back, clutching my ass, holding me closer, tighter.
He sinks along the wall to accomodate the difference in our height and I can feel his passion growing within his BDUs, pressed against my tummy.
My fingers find the buttons on his fly while my lips remained locked on his. Nibbling. Licking. Stealing his breath.
I skip the first button, leaving it fastened - but soon his lust is no longer camouflaged. No longer restricted undercover.
He quickly inhales & halts his breath as I release his hard flesh from its hiding place to the warmth of my hand.
"Is this for me, sailor?", I quietly ask while gazing into his eyes.
"To do with as you will," he responds, breathless.
"Good because tonight you're mine. All of you."
Without releasing him from my grip, I guide him to the corner-edge of the king-sized bed.
He moves to unbutton the top & remaining fastener of his pants.
"Huh,uh,uh...." I correct him, "Sit.... feet on the ground... lean back on your elbows.... spread your legs.... and watch."
His erect flesh seems to glow in contrast to the surrounding hodgepodge pattern of browns, greens and black. His vocabulary is reduced to grunts, sighs, and single-syllable words and exclamations...
What do I do to him?
I worship him. At his core.
With my mouth. My tongue. My hands. My face. My breath.
Like he hasn't seen or felt in years... possibly never.
Time ceases to exist for him. For me. For this hotel room.

... and that's only the beginning.


Blogger Lestat hummed...

Nice. More please.

4/18/2007 10:04 AM  
Blogger Mina hummed...

Oh my! That was exciting!

4/21/2007 3:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous hummed...

lucky guy...mmmpfh

4/25/2007 10:56 PM  
Blogger Res hummed...



(I think I'm awake now!)

Very hot...awaiting, more.

(I'm breathless!)

xx,res (may stand for: respiration!)

4/25/2007 11:57 PM  
Blogger Res hummed...

Damn! And this is only my ending!




5/04/2007 11:29 PM  
Blogger adam b hummed...

~~to be continued??

6/02/2007 1:49 PM  

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